This is Lucas, not Luke

A little about yourself – name, geography, anything you’re comfortable with.
I am Lucas and I was born and raised in Miami, but I do not accurately represent the average Mamian. I also love the planet!

What skills and perspectives can you share with this community that are appropriate and could add value?
I am AutoCAD certified, but there is still much for me to learn. I have a few years experience with Solidworks. I also took a rigorous statics class in high school. My perspective is not special since I have never left the country or seen a water distribution system.

What would you like to learn most from this community?
I would love to learn to work with a group of engineers on an actual engineering project.

What is the next step on your professional journey? Learning more? Doing more? Please share with us!
The next step is to gain leadership in EWB and continue my involvement because I want to work in the water sector for developing communities.

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