Sophie Woods - Finance Lead for Mulas Water Project

A little about yourself – name, geography, anything you’re comfortable with.

Hi! I’m Sophie Woods, and I am from Boulder, Colorado. I am currently a freshman studying Environmental Engineering at CU and am planning on specializing in either Applied Ecology or Global Engineering. I love to spend time outside and experience new locations and cultures.

What skills and perspectives can you share with this community that are appropriate and could add value?

As an environmental engineer, I am excited to have the opportunity to apply some of the skills that I am learning to a real world situation and help people in the process. I will bring positivity along with a desire to learn and collaborate with others.

What would you like to learn most from this community?

I am hoping to learn more about both the actual process of designing and implementing such large scale engineering projects and the collaboration between team and community members that is necessary to make such projects possible.

What is the next step on your professional journey? Learning more? Doing more? Please share with us!

I hope to continue developing my engineering skills in the next few years, and think that gaining some more hands on experience by applying some of the concepts that I am currently learning will be very beneficial.

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Thanks for posting Sophie! We are excited to have you as Finance Lead for our team. You mentioned you like to experience new locations and cultures; have you done much travelling?

Thanks! I have been able to travel a bit in the past- my dad worked in Europe for a while so I was able to spend a few months there. I have never been to Puerto Rico, though, and would love to go someday!