My introduction from egypt with love

dear pe community
my name is ivan i am from egypt i am civil engineer i want to take the pe exam in water resources i passed fe exam in 2018

i am here to exchange materials for pe

i want to study partner and more practice and resources

i am looking forward to move to usa and took the pe exam in water resources

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Hi @desperado, and welcome to SQRPGZ! It’s great to have project experiences and perspectives from Egypt, here in this community.

What is the biggest lessened you’ve learned from a project of yours?

Do you have materials that you can share?

yes i have ton of materials i will share abd i need more

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You have been added to the group. Enjoy that materials there, and please share what you can! It will help all of us be better engineers.

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thanks i will now share the drive

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Awesome, feel free to share in any category that you think makes sense. If needed, I can stick it in a better place after you post.

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