Marlo A - Introduction

A little about yourself – name, geography, anything you’re comfortable with.
Hello! I’m a Canadian who moved to California 3 years ago. I graduated BCE about 6 years ago.

What skills and perspectives can you share with this community that are appropriate and could add value?
I have a few years of experience in Civil Engineering as an EIT (and even worked engineering jobs during my undergrad), and I’m more than happy to share few tips and tricks. Considering USA have a stricter rules (compared to Canada) to applying as a PE, perhaps I can share my knowledge as an applicant and the steps I took to get here.

What would you like to learn most from this community?
Aside from engineering topics, this community seems to have a great mix of engineers and I can’t wait to be part of it!

What is the next step on your professional journey? Learning more? Doing more? Please share with us!
I was never a great student, but I always find myself wanting to keep learning (about other things as well, in general). Maybe go back to do Master’s or some similar route. Currently, I’m in this journey to pass the PE this October and California requires to pass more exams compared to other states.

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Please do. Just start adding new topics for discussion/conversation, whenever you see fit. It would be great to have your input in this community.

Please share any resources that you’re comfortable sharing. The point is to help one another be better engineers!