Explore & Categorize New Data

Recently we received few new pieces of data from Graciela. Typically I work on organizing new data, but I wanted to give another design team member a chance to gain this skill. The new data is the three items in this google drive link that have not been placed into a folder.

  1. Download three new datasets in google drive link
  2. Categorize and consolidate data from answered questions in “CO supplemental”
  3. Categorize data from new major houses in the system as new points of interest:
    – Utilize provided four maps under Important Data → Community Maps to make best estimation at latitude and longitude
    – With latitude and longitude, employ Python code to get best elevation possible (Jashan can help with this step)
    – Catalog important features in an excel spreadsheet that can be easily read in for mapping code (similar format as before)
    – Index → Name → Lat → Long → Elevation → Various flow measurements