Engineering field in the united states

i want to ask about the salary of water resources engineer in texas

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Good question, and probably hard to answer. How many years of experience do you have? Do you have an FE, PE, PMP, or any other certifications?

thanks for reply i have fe civil and i am studying to take the pe

Not specific to WR, but here’s something that will offer some food for thought: Average Engineer Salaries by State in 2019

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Also, this, specific to civil engineering: Civil engineering salaries in the U.S.

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Currently working toward Civil Engineer P.E. with focus on Water Resource and Environmental. I will take my first P.E. on 10.25.2019.

I graduated from California with a material science engineer degree, but I end up working for CA state as an environmental engineer project manager.

how was the exam bro

It would depend mostly on your experience. Location plays a part as well but it is not such a big factor in my opinion

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Agreed; however, the each state in that link shows a range. Assumptions related to where on that range one would fall, particularly when considering experience, will have to be made.

I’ve used as a useful resource for determining average salaries for specific jobs by area.

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Another huge factor is location and whether you are public or private sector. DEC pays fairly well and have published rates. Pay rates for an engineer in Boston, MA will be paid differently from one in Waterbury, VT or Detroit