Christian Lamb, Fundraising Lead

A little about yourself – name, geography, anything you’re comfortable with.
I am a freshman in Mechanical Engineering here at CU. I am from North Carolina. I like to run, hike, camp and ski.

What skills and perspectives can you share with this community that are appropriate and could add value?
I participated in a trip called Appalachia Service Project while I was in high school. We helped repair houses in the rural Appalachian Mountain region. I can use some of the things I learned from ASP in our work.

What would you like to learn most from this community?
I would like to learn what kind of work engineers actually do in the real world.

What is the next step on your professional journey? Learning more? Doing more? Please share with us!
My career goal is to be a project manager so I hope that I will gain experience from this project.

The management of this project will be open for the team to see, via this site. Feel free to ask questions along the way.