Biosand filter design-build workshop [CAWST]

Link to training:

What this training offers

Upon completion of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate how to construct and install a biosand filter correctly
  • Describe the operation and maintenance of a biosand filter
  • Select a suitable source of filtration sand and prepare it for installation in the filter
  • Assemble and prepare the required tools and materials
  • Describe the key operating parameters of the filter (those things that must be done correctly in order for the filter to work properly)
  • Troubleshoot construction, installation and operation & maintenance of a filter - to identify if something is wrong with the filter and if so, to fix it
  • Demonstrate how to conduct a follow-up visit
  • Fill out monitoring forms for construction, installation and follow-up visits

Who should take this training?

Individuals working in non-governmental organizations, municipalities or other government institutions or universities working or interested in knowing more in detail about the technical specifications of the construction of the biosand filter and plan to implement this type of technology. Ideally, we recommend the participation of 2-3 people from the same institution with different roles, from managers and decision makers to field workers, to achieve a deeper learning and to share experiences from different angles.