An Introduction to Louis

A little about yourself – name, geography, anything you’re comfortable with.
Hello! Originally from PA, I moved to FL, and I now live in NY. I work as an energy engineer, specializing in efficiency measures and auditing across multiple sectors and sizes of buildings.

What skills and perspectives can you share with this community that are appropriate and could add value?
I have seven years in education before I decided to switch to engineering, which means I am great at explaining complex concepts in ways that are easy to understand.

What would you like to learn most from this community?
I’m looking forward to studying for the FE exam, as well as helping others review and do the same.

What is the next step on your professional journey? Learning more? Doing more? Please share with us!
I want to take the FE exam as a way to ensure my future as an engineer, and I am looking forward to learning more and more. As my knowledge base expands, so too does my opportunity to share it with others and help them prepare as well for our changing world.

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Hi @Energy, welcome to SQRPGZ!

This is a wonderful quality. I hope I can convince you to stick around SQRPGZ for a while, and keep you engaged in the discussion. I think it will add a lot of value. Have you done any volunteer engineering work? If not, is this something you might consider?

Please be sure to add links to, and downloads of, materials that you think others might find useful.

Helping one another become better engineers can create a (lacking) sense of community within our industry, which I’m hoping we can then focus our energy to those on Earth with the greatest needs.